Description of publications

A light brush is a colored flashlight. At a long exposure, in the dark,
what I flashed with a flashlight is visible in the photo.
This kind of shooting is very boring, but I liked it.
I learned this from a wonderful Dimitrovgrad artist, photographer
Alexandra Shevchenko.
After I took a couple of years and collected a few dozen photos,
Natalia Khatyamova (the charming hostess of the ORCHID salon)
helped me organize my first photo exhibition in Samara.

In 1999, after printing 25 10x15 photos and putting them in a black photo album,
I went to conquer Moscow.
I rented a room in a cheap hotel. I had five days for everything about everything.
The first photographers I approached were Olga Fomina and Katya Kerbel.
Kind and lovely people.
They liked my work. After looking, I was given other people's phones…
So I lived all these five days, meeting and communicating.
I was arranged a meeting with Vlad Loktev.
He was late, and I was waiting for Vlad in his darkroom.
There were a lot of clients, the operators were printing photos, and
after looking at everything that could be viewed,
I decided to show my little black portfolio photo album
to the salon operators.
I didn't wait long, soon the operator came up and said:
- I didn't like color photography until today
, until I saw your work. I liked it very much.
The last straw for making a decision to go to work in Moscow was a meeting
with Evelina Khromchenko. She was then the editor-in-chief of L'Officiel.
After looking at the album, she asked:
"Is it difficult to bring this technique with which you shoot to Moscow?"

Moscow is such a magnet to which everything is attracted.
Where do all photographers
send their photos to satisfy their personal ambitions? Of course, to Moscow!
And you can always find something to print in the magazine.
No connections, no “acquaintances” or “thieves" are needed.
By calling a pay phone
(there were very few cell phones then, and it was very expensive),
saying "Hello, I'm a photographer, you were recommended to me,"
I immediately heard into the phone: "Do you want to show your work?"
And set a date, place and time.

Young photographers,
if there is a desire, and most importantly - an interesting look at life,
through the lens of your camera - go ahead!
And it is not necessary to have an expensive camera. The moment you caught is important.
If you are interesting, people will work with you!

1999. Look at the magazine.

1999. OM magazine. December. "TIME HAS CHOSEN US!"
is dedicated to the young, fashionable and active ...
Photographer: Vladimir Kurakov.
Style: Gosha Ostretsov.
Hairstyles and makeup: Roman Aristarchov.
Models: Sergey Tyagunov, Maria Efimova, Antoine Ocheomma,
Sergey Nazarov, Yulia Mel

1999. NRG magazine. November - December. "Shadow Fight".
Photographer: Vladimir Kurakov.
Concept and style: Gosha Ostretsov.
Makeup and hairstyles: Roman Aristarkhov (Fase Fashion)
Models: Ivan Panyukhin (Jiu-jitsu master, black belt, first dan)
Natasha Talandite (teacher of modern dance Fase fashion)

1999. ALBO FASHION-99. The cover of the magazine "DO NOT SLEEP!"
(magazine for night residents) and the poster "ALBO FASHION-99". The fifth European parade of avant-garde collections.
The festival of the right hand.
Photographer: Vladimir Kurakov.
Production: Georgy Ostretsov
Models: Lyudmila Konstantinova, Esther Perbant (Germany).

2000. MEZZANINE magazine. "HIDE AND SEEK". Art de vivre.
Photographer: Vladimir Kurakov.
Shooting direction: Georgy Ostretsov.
Collection "Protection No. 11" by Georgy Ostretsov
(rubberized fabrics, stencil pattern).
Models: Lyudmila Konstantinova, Esther Perbant (Germany).
The shooting took place in the interiors of the furniture salon "Napoleon Buonaparte"

HIDE-and-SEEK (Georgy Ostretsov)
Remember the children's game,
The Great game from the Bible Story,
When God went out to look for Adam
After the original sin
And he was hiding from him,
Hiding your shame?

So it was in childhood, in fear of the leading con,
We hid under the table, in drawers, cabinets,
Climbed on the sideboard,
They got entangled in long curtains.

And already in adulthood,
Coming to the parental home,
We were surprised to find ourselves thinking:
"How did I manage to get under this table?"
But even in an adult state, a person strives
To create your own microcosm.

And that's why I 'm conscious all the time
Fits itself into the framework,
Social niches,
Territorial zones,
Defining your life comfort
Material security,
Both in the interior of the home and in clothing
Seeking to hide your intimate
From an outsider's gaze,
Forgetting about the otherworldly gaze,
Which he feels in his dreams,
That's what art is worried about,
Building bridges between realities.

2000. OM Magazine. January - February. "Protection No. 11".
Your clothes are a lunar landscape. Your world is a computer reality.
Photographer: Vladimir Kurakov.
Style and collection: Gosha Ostretsov
(rubberized fabrics, stencil pattern).
Hairstyles and makeup: Lyudmila Konstantinova.
Models: Lyudmila Konstantinova, Esther Perbant (Germany), Irina Guatua

2000. NRG magazine. April - May. "Chess".
Since ancient India, chess has been a game of intellectuals
with a warm heart and a cold mind.
Passion and endurance, jealousy and love,
hatred and the ability to lose are intertwined in it. Victory in chess is the triumph
of the universal spirit over earthly matter... including the one with the flower.
Photographer: Vladimir Kurakov.
Artistic concept: Georgy Ostretsov.
Style, collage: Lyudmila Konstantinova.
Makeup and hairstyles: Godzilla.
Models: Anastasia Kendzerskaya, Gayanz Harutyunyan

2000. OM magazine. July - August. "SUICIDE."
Sudden love is an ideal case for settling accounts with life.
Photographer: Vladimir Kurakov.
Style: Oksana Guryeva.
Hairstyles and makeup: Yulia Zakharova.
Models: Alexander Mirov (ABC MODELS), Elena Iksanova

2000. NRG magazine. August-September. "The Magic Garden".
Sometimes we find ourselves in spaces where decorative flowers,
dwarf trees, fragrant fruits, crazy situations.
Photographer: Vladimir Kurakov.
Style: Oksana Guryeva.
Hairstyles and makeup: Evgeny Sedoy for Beauty Philosophy.
Models: Anya Lazareva, Mitya Mityushin Modus Vivendi Agency

2000. OM Magazine. September. "Fight Club".
Photographer: Vladimir Kurakov.
Style: Oksana Guryeva.

2000. OM magazine. October. "Diary of an anthropologist".
In 1871, a bold hypothesis was put forward about the origin of man from an ape-like ancestor. Then not everyone was happy to recognize this relationship.
And today anthropology is still terra incognita, which is why it attracts the indefatigable researcher to the Darwin Museum.
Photographer: Vladimir Kurakov.
Style: Oksana Guryeva.
Hairstyles and makeup: Yulia Zakharova.
Model: Mikhail Zak (PRESIDENT).
Consultant: Urana Kuular. We thank the State Darwin Museum for its help in filming.

2000/01. NRG magazine. December-January. "Upside down."
Every new day changes our ideas about yesterday.
What seemed to be the only true thing turns out to be ridiculous and far-fetched,
and the upside-down position unexpectedly expands the horizons of consciousness
and opens the door to an alluring looking glass.
Photographer: Vladimir Kurakov.
Style: Oksana Guryeva.
Hairstyles and makeup: Yulia Zakharova.
Models: Nikita Karpova, Katya Sinikova Modus Vivendis agency, Mikhail Zak.

2001. NRG Magazine. February - March. "Flower Power".
How to choose and give flowers in the best way.
Photographer: Vladimir Kurakov.
Stylist: Oksana Guryeva.
Florist: Pavel Gorbenko.
Interior: salon "Locker & Sofa".
Models: Margarita Babina, winner of the international competition
"Supermodel of the World - 2000", Modus Vivendis agency. Leonid Nevarko.
Hairstyles: Stephane Choiseul,
art manager of the salon Jacques Dessange on Mira Avenue.

2001. NRG Magazine. February - March. "Hotel of Forgotten Hearts".
The heartbeat is so familiar that you don't notice it.
But what to do when, putting your hand to your chest, you don't feel
anything, how to fill the emptiness inside?
Perhaps one of the hearts forgotten by the hotel guests,
whose apartments know many heart secrets ...
Photographer: Vladimir Kurakov.
Style: Oksana Guryeva.
Models: RED LINE mannequins.
and personally Mr. Evgeny Bezel for their help in carrying out the shooting

2001. Magazine OM. April. "Three cards."
A real man is always a player.
In the right hands, both the cards and the women are always in the suit.
Photographer: Vladimir Kurakov.
Style: Oksana Guryeva.
Hairstyles and makeup: Yulia Zakharova, Anna Lepeshkina.
Models: Nadezhda Vishnevskaya (Countess), Vsevolod Boldin (Herman) -
actors of the theater. Ermolova.
Natalia Onishchuk (Lisa) is a model agency "PRESIDENT".
Thank you for your help in filming the furniture salon "CLASSIC"

2000. Galena Pharmaceutical Company. Czech.
Laxigal (Laxigal) Medicinal products.
The use of photographs in an advertising poster for posting in the cars of the Moscow metro and pharmacies in Moscow.
Photographer: Vladimir Kurakov
Model: Svetlana Charikova (Dimitrovgrad)