In 1999, after printing 25 10x15 photos and putting them in a black photo album, I went to conquer Moscow.
I rented a room in a cheap hotel. I had five days to do everything about everything.
The first photographers I approached were Olga Fomina and Katya Karbel. Kind and lovely people.
They liked my work. After looking, I was given other people's phones…
That's how I lived all these five days, meeting and communicating.
I was given a meeting with Vlad Loktev. He was late, and I was waiting for Vlad in his darkroom.
There were a lot of customers, the operators were printing photos, and after looking at everything that could be seen,
I decided to show my little black photo album portfolio to the salon operators.
I didn't wait long, soon the operator came up and said: I didn't like color photography until today, until I saw your work. I liked it very much.
The last straw for making a decision to go to work in Moscow was a meeting with Evelina Khromchenko.
She was then the editor-in-chief of L'Officiel. After looking at the album, she asked: "Is it difficult to bring this technique, with which you shoot, to Moscow?"
Moscow is such a magnet to which everything is attracted. Where do all photographers send their photos to satisfy their personal ambitions? Of course, to Moscow!
No connections, no “acquaintances” or “thieves" are needed.
Calling a pay phone (there were very few cell phones then, and it was very expensive), saying "Hello, I'm a photographer, you were recommended to me,"
I immediately heard into the phone: "Do you want to show your work?" And they set the date, place and time.
Young photographers, if you have a desire, and most importantly - an interesting look at life, through the lens of your camera - go ahead!
You don't have to have an expensive camera. The moment you caught is important. If you are interesting, people will work with you!