Vladimir Kurakov's photo studio is a creative space
for photo experiments with light, color and shadows.
I use pulsed and homemade, permanent LED light.
I make various light-forming nozzles, gobo masks, honeycombs for it.
I supplement it all with color filters.

It is important and interesting for me to shoot all the light, color and physical effects at once in one frame. The task is not easy, but its implementation and the shooting process itself, and most importantly, the result that is obtained, deliver a complex and difficult-to-explain sense of satisfaction from the work done.

When I see something beautiful, I admire the author's skill.
I want to do better. It is to come up with and do, and not copy his idea.
I don't know how I'm going to do what and where, but I'm sure I'll do better!
This is my difficult, uncomfortable character.
Vladimir Kurakov (2021)

Dimitrovgrad, Ulyanovsk region.
On April 14, 1962, when repairs were underway in the maternity hospital,
I was born.
Everywhere, fat aunts in some dirty robes were darting back and forth around the ward, and something smelled.
“Oil," I thought, “although, no, paint." And...
opened my eyes.
Someone was constantly running in front of me, faces were changing, and I myself was constantly changing my location.
I couldn't concentrate on one thing for a long time,
when suddenly I suddenly calmed down and saw a small old camera..
It was heavily stained with paint... “But nothing," I thought. And...
I smiled, because I was going to become a photographer.
Lowering my gaze lower, I did not read, but I understood the word “ZENITH”. And I thought.
A difficult road was waiting for me, and then I could not even imagine how interesting the road was.
“Writing on the road and going through it are not the same thing,” I thought...

- Well, finally, you have... a boy.

1979 - 1986. He worked as a graphic designer at the enterprises of the USSR. Dimitrovgrad. Ivanovo.
1987. Office of the Chief Architect. Department of Technical Aesthetics. Bureau of Industrial Graphics. Artist. Togliatti.

P E R E S T R O Y K A ... built a house for the family, planted trees. Two sons.

1995 - 1999. Design studio "ART". Production of outdoor advertising. Dimitrovgrad.
Founders: Viktor Nedashkovsky, Vladimir Kurakov, Pavel Naumov.
This is the first cutting plotter in the city, the first advertisement using ORACAL film
and, probably, the last company in which artists developed the design and made advertising.

1998. The 2nd exhibition-festival FoCom-98. Moscow.
1999. Photo exhibition in the Meridian Gallery. Samara.
1999. Center for Contemporary Art Soros. Moscow.
Exhibition project "Collection No. 11". The project represents a new creative community for Moscow, the creation of which the Center directly contributed to. In the form of an exhibition, the publication of a new series of models by Georgy Ostretsov - "Collection No. 11" will take place. The photos were taken by Vladimir Kurakov, performing for the first time on the Moscow art scene.

1999. LOOK at the magazine.
1999. OM magazine. December. "TIME HAS CHOSEN US!"
1999. Journal NRG. No. 19. November - December. "Fight with the shadow".
1999. The cover of the magazine DO NOT SLEEP ! ALBO FASHION-99.
2000. MEZZANINE magazine. No. 1. "HIDE AND SEEK". Art de vivre.
2000. OM Magazine. January - February. "Protection No. 11".
2000. HARPER'S BAZAAR magazine. April. Yuri Golubev. Life with a double bass.
2000. NRG Magazine No. 21. April - May. "Chess".
2000. Publication of a photo in an advertising poster for the pharmaceutical company Galena. Czech Republic.
Accommodation: cars of the Moscow metro, pharmacies.
Magazines: GEO. 2000. No.5. May. A CARAVAN of stories. 2000. May.
Home hearth. 2000. May. Brownie. 2000. May.
2000. OM magazine. July - August. "SUICIDE".
2000. NRG Magazine No. 23. August-September. "The Magic Garden".
2000. OM Magazine. September. "Fight Club".
2000. OM magazine. October. "Diary of an anthropologist".
2000/01. Journal NRG. No. 25. December-January. "Upside down."
2001. The cover of NRG magazine. February - March. "Flower Power".
2001. NRG Magazine. February - March. "Hotel of forgotten hearts".
2001. Magazine OM. April. "Three cards."
2001. April-May. CAPITAL PERSPECTIVE. The Magazine for Visitors and Residents of Moscow.
2001. Moscow. The Second Moscow International Festival of Fashion and Style in Photography.
La mode et le style dans la photographie. Publications: “NRG".